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Developed for television service providers and set-top box manufacturers, SlingGuide™ is an Internet-based interface that makes it easy for anyone to find and record their favorite television programming. Customers can use the SlingGuide interface to manage their DVR from the web or from a mobile phone. When paired with a Slingbox® or SlingLoaded™ set-top box, viewers can also log on and watch their home television video using the SlingPlayer™ integrated into SlingGuide from anywhere in the world.

SlingGuide allows consumers to view the program guide and schedule recordings on their home DVR from their PC, Mac, or mobile phone. With an IP-connected set-top box they can also control their television and manage their DVR content. This includes viewing their recording schedule, managing tuner conflicts, deleting programs and managing DVR disk space. Through powerful search and browse technology consumers can search for shows by title, genre, network, keyword, or actor, and watch movie trailers. This makes it easy for them to find what they want to watch more quickly, as well as to discover new content.

For television service providers, SlingGuide is completely scalable and customizable. The SlingGuide service can be branded with any name and logo to provide brand consistency across your customer base. It can also be localized for international use.

SlingGuide provides a superior program guide and DVR management experience, with three levels of service, based on the customer’s configuration:

  • SlingGuide middleware is loaded on the set-top box (basic configuration)
  • Basic configuration and the set-top box is IP-connected
  • Basic configuration and the set-top box is SlingLoaded or connected to a Slingbox

The customer can perform the following functions with each configuration.

Basic Configuration
  • Get a personalized, integrated view of all the customer’s programming
  • Schedule recordings
  • Enter search terms such as title, actor, or director to find specific programs or DVR recordings
  • Browse by genre, HD content, channel, date, or time
  • Watch movie trailers and clips to preview content
  • Set preferences for genres, networks, ratings, languages, and more for a personalized viewing experience
  • Manage DVR content
    • View recording schedule
    • Manage tuner conflicts
    • Delete programs
    • Manage DVR disk space
  • Use a mobile phone or the Sling® Touch Control 100 as a remote control and handheld program guide for the set-top box
  • Access and watch content from anywhere in the world with a broadband Internet connection (and a Slingbox or SlingLoaded set-top box in the home)
Product Specifications

Compatible Browsers

Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari

Compatible Receivers
  • DuoDVRTM 522*
  • DuoDVR 625*
  • ViP® 612
  • ViP 622
  • ViP 722
  • DuoDVR ViP 722k
  • ViP 922 SlingLoaded DVR
  • Slingbox 700U

*Only receives timer information over a satellite connection.